Computer tuition and skills development

You may wish to improve your understanding of the computer, or you might need to develop a higher level of proficiency with a more advanced software feature.

Or perhaps you know someone that needs a little additional guidance, or who wants to learn how to use a computer or iPad for the first time.

We specialise in one-to-one computer tuition, at your work or home and at a time that is convenient for you. We have a well established schedule of planned computer lessons covering various topics, but we can tailor them to meet you own particular needs.

By working at a pace that is adjusted to suit you, combined with clear explanations at each step, you will be able to gain confidence in your use of the computer system. And by focussing on practical, hands-on activities you quickly become familiar with new techniques and gain a solid understanding of what is going on.

Tuition is conducted in a friendly and informal manner, with sessions that typically last between 40 and 80 minutes.  The subjects page summarises some of the areas that can be covered, but we will also spend time on the specific areas that interest you.

Where relevant, we can spend time answering or solving specific problems that you have been experiencing in your day to day computer work. 

For those of you who are busy, and don't find a lot of time to spare, we offer a special rapid skills programme, carefully tuned to teach you new features and short-cuts, but in a reduced timeframe. 

We also provide other services to resolve problems with the computer and software programs, and we will help with new computers, or setting up new systems.

To find out more information explore these web pages via the links at the top and on the left, or please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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