Rapid skills programme

PC Proficiency has established a tuition programme tailored to the needs of business people and busy parents who find themselves short of time.

This approach has been developed to improve your awareness and competence on the computer and to learn quick ways of achieving results, while minimising the amount of time spent in the learning process.

The programme is available for any of the subject areas listed on the accompanying pages, and it centres on five key principles:

  • Time efficient - we work at your home or workplace to avoid any need for you to travel. Weekday, evening or weekend slots are available, to suit your schedule.
  • Tuition is centred on hands-on practical activity, with you operating the computer. This ensures that any difficulties and queries are flushed out very quickly, and resolved.
  • Optimised scope - covering just those topics and features you need, no more and no less. A free initial consultation clarifies your interests, goals and any problem areas.
  • Optimised duration - sessions of 80 minutes have been found to be the most effective and productive. (Less time affects continuity and adds start /stop overheads, longer sessions make it harder to maintain focus and concentration.) Where possible, two sessions per week are recommended to maintain continuity.
  • One-to-one tuition ensures that your needs and challenges are addressed directly, and the pace is carefully tuned to your style of working and rate of progress.

To discuss your needs, without obligation, please contact us.


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