Computer skills and training

This is a summary of the subjects and software packages that feature in our training options. In each case, the skill levels can be selected from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, and topics can be mixed or customised if required.

Basic operation - Windows 10, Windows 8 and older

Includes key controls, email, internet, file management, system configuration and maintenance, and photos

Office tools - essential operations and concepts. Select from

   Word Processing - Microsoft Word

   Spreadsheets - Excel

   Presentations and graphics - PowerPoint

   Email, calendar and contact management - Outlook

Versions covered: 2007 - 2010, 2013 or 2016

iPad or Android tablet - short beginners tutorial.

Using your digital camera - essential operations and concepts.

Graphics and Photography - Adobe Photoshop
(also Photoshop Elements)

Web page design - Adobe Dreamweaver, Google Sites

Newsletters and magazines - Microsoft Publisher

Miscellaneous: PC setup and configuration; Understanding Facebook and instant messaging; Viruses spam and spyware; Security firewalls and backup; Wireless networking; ... other topics on request.

If you would like more information, please provide your name and address and request a more detailed syllabus for any of these topics.

You may contact us either by phone or e-mail.

Personal computer tuition
Skills for beginners
One to one sessions