What is the best free software ?

For computers running Windows, a wealth of good software is freely available for download over the internet. As an alternative to some of the expensive packages from companies such as Microsoft and Adobe, many of these packages are very well designed and have become standard tools.

Unfortunately, other packages are quite limited in what they can do, and may lead to problems and incompatibilities and even computer crashes. And of course, sometimes you don't find out until it is too late or you have spent a lot of time trying to use the software.

Over the years, PC Proficiency has gained experience with many of these software packages and can help you identify the best ones for your needs. We have developed an "A list" of the best software in the following categories:

Anti spyware PDF Reader
Anti virus Phone calls
Backup Photo Editing
Content Management Systems (website) Photo recovery (SD card)
DVD Burning Programming
Email SPAM Filter
File Recovery / Undelete Spreadsheet
File sharing Typing tutor
Firewall Telephone / Voice over IP
FTP Video Player
Image Viewer Video Editing
Kindle and ebook management Viewer for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
Media Player Web browser
Office suite Web page design
Music ripping to MP3 Website hosting
  Word Processing