Buying a new computer or ipad ?

Choose from either (or both) of the following two services, each offered at a fixed low price.


Advice and assistance in selection and purchase of new system

  • Help in identifying the features needed
  • Explaining the technical specification
  • Discussion on software updates that may be required
  • Liaison with supplier and help with purchase
  • Unpacking and connecting system hardware

System configuration and transfer from old computer

  • Set up user accounts, settings & desktop icons
  • Transfer emails and address book
  • Set up internet access and account details
  • Gather and install updates and security patches
  • Install software programs as required
  • e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, Photoshop, Skype, Google Earth etc.
  • Check/update software for printer, scanner etc.
  • Set up antivirus software & firewall, as required
  • Transfer documents, photos and music from old computer

For ipads and tablets, we have a custom service. Details...


Our aim is to provide a local and efficient service, but at a cost that is roughly half what you'd be expected to pay at the larger computer stores. See our prices page for more details of charges.


If you require more information please contact us either by phone or e-mail.



Set up wireless for your laptop
Get started on your PC
Setting up a newly purchased computer