Customer comments

PC Proficiency aims to solve your problems by providing a friendly service that is effective at meeting your needs, and for a reasonable price. The following are a few comments from our customers who believe we achieved these aims.


My confidence was improved a lot, and I was amazed what the computer could do for me.

Jackie (Hemel Hempstead)

David is very patient and seems to understand the problems and difficulties that beginners have.

Angela (Princes Risborough)

This was a good solution for us. It is more effective and less disruptive to have someone trained at work than to send them on an expensive training course for 4 days.

R. E. (Chesham)

I had three 80 minute lessons with David, and my understanding has moved forward so much. I do not hesitate in recommending this service. His explanations were very clear and he let me work at my speed, unlike my son-in-law who just flits through everything so fast!

Susan P. (Beaconsfield)

If anyone is going to able to fix your problem, David will.

Terry P. (Haddenham)

He doesn't just show you what to do, he explains it, so that you're left feeling very comfortable with what's happening.

N. A. (High Wycombe)

I wish I had found the time sooner to get some help. I didn't realise what I was missing.

Sue H (Hazlemere)

Qualified tutor
Proven teaching experience
Practical problem solving